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        The Second Meeting of the Council of APSCO was convened in Beijing, China from 17 to 18 December 2009. The accredited ministers/ministerial representatives from nine Member States and Signatory States of APSCO attended the Meeting, namely Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey.
        Mr. Thaneerat Siriphachana, Deputy Permanent Secretary of MICT, Thailand was the Chairman, Mr. Kamrul Hasan, Secretary of MOD, Bangladesh, and Dr. Sun Laiyan, Administrator of CNSA, China were the Vice-Chairmen.
        The Council expressed its appreciation for the activities of the Secretariat as presented in the report of the Secretary-General.
        The Council expressed gratitude to the Government of People¡¯s Republic of China for its one million USD donation, as well as the support for the human and financial resources for the operation of APSCO in the year 2009.

The Second Meeting of the Council of APSCO in Beijing, China in 2009

The Chairman of the Second Meeting of the Council of APSCO

Group photo of the Second Meeting of the Council of APSCO

        The Members of the Council agreed that these draft Rules, namely the Financial Rules of APSCO and the Service Rules of APSCO were to be temporarily implemented and could be further amended for any shortcomings prior to approval. However, the Council required all Member States to provide comments for modification thereof and to approve it in the next Council Meeting.
        The Council approved the proposed plan for the year 2010 and the budget for the year 2010 with a majority vote, and noted the estimation of 2011 and 2012.
The Council expressed its hope to conduct the feasibility study on Education Center under a constrained budget.
         The Council discussed and took the decision to prioritize project plans from the First Council Meeting in numerical orders. Thailand would lead the ¡°Research on Atmospheric Effects¡± project; China and Turkey would lead the ¡°Development of Asia-Pacific Ground-Based Optical Satellite Observation System¡±, and China would lead the ¡°Feasibility Study of the Applications of Compatible Navigation Terminal System¡±.
The Council unanimously agreed to form an Audit Commission according to the conditions stipulated in the Financial Regulations of APSCO.
        The Council agreed to organize the Second APSCO International Symposium on Food Security and Monitoring of Agriculture through Satellite Technology to be held in Pakistan in September 2010.
         The Council acknowledged approval of Cooperative Program between Thailand and China for establishing the Ground Receiving Station for data sharing and approved data sharing among the Member States from the Thai ground station.


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