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        An Opening Ceremony for the New Office Building of the APSCO Headquarters was held on 17 December 2009 prior to the opening of the Second Meeting of the Council of APSCO. The Chairman of the APSCO Council, Mr. Thaneerat Siriphachana, Deputy Permanent Secretary of MICT of Thailand and the Vice-Chairman of the APSCO Council, Dr. Sun Laiyan, Administrator of CNSA of China were invited as the guests of honor for the Opening Ceremony. All representatives from the Member States and Signatory States presented this event.
        The APSCO Headquarters Building has 4,600 square meters with eight-floors, located in Beijing, China, which is donated by the Host Government. The renovation of the building as well as the office furniture and equipment were also financially supported by the Host Government.

The Headquarters Building of APSCO



The Opening Ceremony of the Headquarters Building of APSCO







The lobby of the headquarters Building

 One part of office area

VIP Room








The Exhibition Hall


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Address:Building 13&14£¬Section 3, No. 188, South West Fourth Ring, Fengtai District, Beijing, China, 100070
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