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Home > About Apsco > Welcome to APSCO>Message of from Mr. Xu Dazhe Former Chairman of APSCO Council

Mr. Xu Dazhe, Administrator, China National Space Administration (CNSA)The Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) is the only inter-governmental space cooperation organization in Asia-Pacific region, with full international juridical personality and registered in the United Nations, which is the important platform for countries conducting multi-lateral cooperation in five major areas including space science, space technology, space application, space education and training, space laws and policies. Currently, cooperation and development are the trend of world and the common wish of Member States, as well as the value embodiment of APSCO, therefore integrating the preponderant resources for the conduction of space activities will effectively improve the capacity and level, also promote the sustainable social economic development among all Member States, and make the peaceful utilization of space serve for the common prosperity of Asia-Pacific region.

During the past seven years since the establishment of APSCO, all Member States cooperated whole heartedly and obtained multiple achievements: major space cooperation projects including ¡°Joint Small Multi Mission Satellite (SMMS) Constellation¡± and ¡°Small Student Satellite (SSS)¡± have been approved for implementation, ¡°Asia-Pacific Ground-Based Optical Space Objects Observation System (APOSOS)¡±has set up telescopes in several Member States, and initiated network observation. The Data Sharing Service Platform has been operating since 2012 and gains positive effects, hundreds of students from countries has received high-level space education and training, new development has been made in membership expansion with Mexico has formally applied for Observer. The accomplishment of these results shall not be separated from the active efforts of all Member States and the Secretariat, which has laid solid foundation for the healthy development of APSCO.

APSCO has past the initial phase and upgraded onto the phase of improving cooperation level, which is in need of the joint efforts of all Member States. I believe the most important task is to conduct practical solid cooperation taking advantage of the platform, and enhance the internal cohesion and external influence of APSCO with high-level cooperation programs. As the first development strategy high-level forum of APSCO has been successfully held, all Member States have reached broad consensus on ¡°the Belt and Road Initiative¡± facilitating space capacity-building of the Asia-Pacific countries, and adopted . China sincerely welcomes all countries to aboard the express train of China¡¯s space development, centering on the construction of ¡°the Belt and Road Space Information Corridor¡± to make arrangements and implement together, sharing the development achievements, making the development and application of space technology benefit the people and realizing the common interests of Member States.

As the old Chinese saying goes, ¡°When everybody adds wood to the fire, the flames rise high.¡± I wish all Member States and the Secretariat make joint efforts, speed up to fulfill the cooperation activities, and stably expand the scale of APSCO, striving toward a breakthrough on membership expansion. In addition, the standard management and system construction shall be further strengthened, to make the operation of APSCO more smooth and effective. Now that we have a plan, it is most important to implement it. All Member States and the Secretariat shall strictly follow the plan and fulfill all the work approved by the Council, to guarantee the smooth accomplishment of the long-term goal of APSCO.

As the host country, China will as always continue supporting and facilitating APSCO¡¯s development, and strengthen the understanding and friendship with other Member States, to jointly promote the healthy development of APSCO, and share the development results, and realize the mutual benefit of all Member States. I firmly believe that, as long as we join hands and establish more close cooperative relationship, the future of APSCO will go further, brighter and better!

Mr. Xu Dazhe
Administrator, China National Space Administration (CNSA)

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