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Dr. Li Xinjun, Secretary General, APSCOThe Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) was formally inaugurated in 2008 with the objective of the peaceful uses of space by developing space applications, exploiting space technology and exploring space science for promotion of sustainable social-economic development and benefit people in the Asia-Pacific region. With the wise guidance of APSCO Council, the APSCO secretariat actively and continuously implement the collaborative activities following the organizational objectives and incorporating the interests and demands of all APSCO Member States. Namely, the Secretariat developed its mid-to-long term strategic implementation plan for those activities and implemented a number of engineering and joint research projects , also, it regularly conducted the degree education and training programs, organized international symposiums and space law forums/workshops periodically,  which laid the solid technical foundation of the future development of the organization and accumulated rich experience of multilateral cooperation for resources sharing upon those efforts. With this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Governments of Member State and colleagues from focal agencies for having provided the favorable support to the smooth operation of the organization.

With accumulated knowledge and experiences within its seven years¡¯ practical operation, APSCO is now developing smoothly. With the vision of strengthening regional space cooperation, APSCO has organized the First Space Agencies Forum in 2015 with the theme of ¡°The Belt and Road Initiative for facilitating space capability building of the Asia Pacific countries¡±. And the ¡°2015 Beijing Declaration¡± was successfully achieved to emphasize the space capacity building; improving capabilities of sharing resources, quick response, industry driving and information inter-connection. It has been drawing us the bright prospects of APSCO, which may bring the common prosperity in the Asia-Pacific Region and benefit the people here. In order to achieve the above prospect results, we will focus on the integration of current resources, infrastructures and program results to establish operational service networks such as education, data sharing, ground-based space observation, space technology application, disaster monitoring, and even satellite constellation and ground stations. I have to confess that we have to confront many challenges in the near future. However, with the consistent support and confidence from all our Member State Governments, nothing can block our way to the original intention of sharing resources and technology among Member States. And we will do our best.

As an inter-government space cooperation organization, APSCO has already developed eight full Member States namely Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, one Signatory State Indonesia, and one Observer State Mexico. Here on, I would like to extend my sincere invitation to the Counties in Asia Pacific Region of joining APSCO. I believe, by pooling up the resources of space activities, the more Member States joining APSCO family, the more efficiently using and sharing space resources and achieve greater benefits.

Dr. Li Xinjun
Secretary General, APSCO

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