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Home > About Apsco > Welcome to APSCO>The message from MR. KHONDAKER M. ASADUZZAMAN, Secretary, Ministry of Defense, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the second Chairman of APSCO Council


        Bangladesh took over the charge of the Chairmanship of APSCO Council in 2011, after the successful completion of Chairmanship by Royal Thai Government. It was a great honor and pleasure for Bangladesh to preside over the Fifth Meeting of the APSCO Council in Beijing, China.
        APSCO was established by nine visionary countries in the Asia-Pacific Region as a new inter-governmental space cooperation organization, and it has just embarked on its journey. We all know that space is a frontier that requires intensive investment and highly sophisticated activities. However, with the globalization of each and every sector nowadays, it has turned into a technological breeding ground for peaceful uses of space science through international cooperation.
        The mandate of APSCO is clear: creating a regional space cooperation mechanism for joint space technology innovation, space applications and education; avoiding duplication of infrastructure construction and pooling financial and human resources. As an initiative that is participated in mostly by developing countries, its goal is to carry on the joint efforts to create a space cooperation organization of profound influence.
         It is indeed a great pleasure for me to know that the APSCO Secretariat is going to publish a book on its major events that took place since its inception. In it we will find some of the most vivid interpretations of milestone events that lay the foundation of APSCO. I hope the book will be of great value to all its readers.
         The APSCO spirit, a spirit of friendship and cooperation, is clearly alive and flourishing. There are of course challenges ahead, but I am sure APSCO will continue on its path of promoting common prosperity of the Region through mutual cooperation among Member States in the peaceful applications of space science & technology.

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