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Home > About Apsco > Welcome to APSCO>The message from MR. THANEERAT SIRIPHACHANA, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of Thailand, the first Chairman of APSCO Council


         It¡¯s a true privilege for me and for the Royal Thai Government as a whole to chair the APSCO Council for two years as the first Chairman of the Council.
         From the very beginning, the previous initiative, AP-MCSTA had done some substantial work in the areas of providing technology exchanging arenas such as the APC-MCSTA (Conference), the education and training programs as many of the executive level of the current Member States are students from these training programs. Since the institutionalization process, all Member States have done an outstanding job in the drafting and ratification of the APSCO Convention, which was signed by 9 countries in 2005 and 2006. The official inauguration of APSCO in 2008 as well as the First Meeting of Interim Council was a milestone for APSCO. It is worth mentioning that Thailand chaired all the Interim Council Meetings as well as two years of 4 Council Meetings. These important events have successfully completed the transaction and initiation period of APSCO and the current APSCO has become a self-sustained organization in the world space community.
        Looking back the three years of operation and into the future of APSCO, we see not a smooth path, but a road that is full of challenges. However, with the determination of all Member States of APSCO, we are certain that the future will be of great prosperity.
        It is with this thought and for the reference of the future that this book is prepared and can be used as a handbook for whoever undertakes this initiative in the future. I sincerely hope this book will be of great value for anyone who reads it.

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