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Organization Expansion


       APSCO as a newly established Inter-governmental Organization and regional space cooperative initiative has given high priority to the Membership Expansion and cooperation in projects of mutual interests with specific emphasis to bring more countries to the APSCO for reciprocal benefits.
        For this purpose, APSCO Secretariat formulated the ¡°Accession Procedures for New Member and Associate Members of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization¡± and ¡°Granting Procedures for Observer Status of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization¡±. Both documents were submitted and approved by the Fifth Meeting of the Council.
        To focus on those countries that expressed interest in joining APSCO and some of its activities, APSCO jointly formulated an ¡°Expansion Plan¡± for new Member States based on principles expressed in the Convention of ASPCO. The ¡°Expansion Plan¡± will be discussed and approved by the Council Meeting. In accordance with the new Expansion Plan, APSCO shall concentrate its effort in some of the most prominent countries in this region, and also work with countries with potential space technologies for associate membership. ASPCO shall constantly update its policies in the expansion of new Member States while continuing to amend the Expansion Plan.
APSCO Secretariat made tremendous efforts in every possible way to present APSCO to all possible interested countries. Diplomats in the Host Country were either invited to APSCO or visited by the top level officials from APSCO Secretariat. Information was given through diplomatic channels to the relevant organizations. A number of visits were also implemented as part of this effort, including Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile and South Africa. Exhibition was held in the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Congress and APSCO Secretariat sponsored a number of UN activities in different domains.
        The Development Plan is maintained and implemented according to the request of the Council.



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