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APSCO Research Center for Space Law


        With the increasing demand from Member States and the rapid development in Asia-Pacific Region in space science, space technology and its applications, APSCO realized that the Research for Space Policy and Space Law will benefit Member States and promote regional peaceful uses of outer space. The feasibility study of Asia-Pacific Research Center for Space Law was proposed in the report of the Secretary-General of APSCO on the Fifth Meeting of the Council. The feasibility study and expert forum are undertaken.
        In accordance with the APSCO Convention, APSCO was established under the principle of multilateral cooperation among the Asia-Pacific countries in the field of space. This predetermined the characters of APSCO, which is an international organization.
        It is under this basic principle that cooperation among Asia-Pacific countries would help pooling resources together both financially and intellectually. And it is also for the benefit of all participating countries in APSCO activities that the more countries join the fewer burdens each shares. It is under these circumstances that a constant and relentless effort has been made in the expansion of Member States.
APSCO is also seeking international cooperation with space entities outside this region. This also falls under the principle of peaceful exploitation of space technology based on equality and mutual benefit. It is through this cooperation that technology and know-how are better used by Asia-Pacific countries and beyond. 

Dr. Zhang Wei, Secretary-General of APSCO attended the UN Space Law Workshop in Tehran in 2009.

 APSCO reception of UN/APSCO/Thailand Space Law Workshop in Bangkok in 2010.

Group photo of UN/APSCO/Thailand Space Law Workshop in Bangkok in 2010 

Group photo of the Space Law Seminar at HIT

Representative from APSCO Secretariat made presentation during Space Law Seminar at HIT.

Exchanging views on the cooperation of Space Law Research between APSCO Secretariat and HIT 

Representtative from APSCO Secretariat exchanged views on Space Law with European Space Policy Insttute during the Legal Subcommittee of UNCOPUOS in Vienna.

Prof. Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Deputy Directer of International Institute of Space Law visited APSCO Headquarters.


Prof. Joanne Irene Gabrynowcz from International Institute of Space Law visited APSCO Headquarters.

Prof. Sergio Marchisio, Chairman of European Center for Space Law, visited APSCO Headquarters.

Group photo of UN/APSCO/ISA Space Law Workshop in Tehran in 2009.

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