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        The first Education Project of APSCO is Small Student Satellite Project (SSS Project) approved by the Third Meeting of the Council as an optional activity for all Member States to participate in on voluntary basis.
        The First Meeting of the APSCO Small Student Satellite ProjectThe First Meeting on SSS Project was organized from 1 to 4 November 2011 both at APSCO Headquarters and BUAA in Beijing, China. Totally 21 Professors from Universities attended the Meeting, who were nominated by their respective countries of Member States and Signatory State, namely Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, and Thailand.
        The SSS Project is designed for developing a small satellite focusing on the practical training of small satellite design and development. The Project is aimed at training students and faculties from Member States for the satellite engineering through hands-on practical training until the accomplishment of the flight model is made, and to contribute significantly for the development of space technology education system in Member States.
        As addressed by Dr. Zhang Wei, the Secretary-General of APSCO, at the Opening Ceremony of the Meeting, the target of the First Meeting of SSS Project should be creating core group for the Project, and emphasized on making agreement for project implementation plan. The participants shared information on available resources and facilities in their home countries, and the experiences as well.
An important achievement of the Meeting was obtained that all participants agreed that the SSS Project should be a Satellite Constellation, and some preliminary descriptions for small satellite configurations such as design life time, payload, and system requirements of the APSCO Satellite Constellation were accepted unanimously by the participants.

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