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Group photo of the MASTA Program-2010 on Remote Sensing and Geo-information System

The Opening Ceremony of MASTA-2010 Program on Remote Sensing and Geo-information System (RS & GIS) was organized on 26 September 2010 at BUAA of China. There were 12 students from the six Member States and Signatory State, namely China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Indonesia.

For the implementation of the MASTA-2010 Program on RS & GIS, the Cooperation Agreement was signed between APSCO Secretariat and BUAA on 31 May 2010 at the International School of BUAA.

During the nine-month MASTA-2010 Program on RS & GIS at BUAA, students should complete the following courses:

(i) Platform Curriculum (2 Months)

a. Mathematics for Space Science and Engineering: including Probability and Statistics, Theory of Matrix, and Fractals and Wavelets;

b. Computer: including Computer Laboratory- Matlab Program, Computer Laboratory-C and C++Program;

c. Space Views: including Introduction to Satellite System Platform, Overview of Space and Earth Environment and Advanced Space Technologies, and Overview of the Issues Related to Space;

d. Chinese Culture: including Introduction to China and Chinese Language.

(ii) Specialty Curriculum (4 Months)

a. Fundamental Specialty Curriculum: including Remote Sensing Image Processing and Interpretation, Geographic Information System-Theory and Methods; Physical Principles of Remote Sensing, Introduction to Photogrammetry, and Cartography & Geometrics;

b. Advanced Specialty Curriculum: including Software Applications of RS, Software Applications of GIS, Case Study of RS and GIS Applications, and GIS Spatial Database;

(iii) Pilot Project (3 months)

a. Team Project: including Project organized by BUAA, and Project organized by other institutes;

b. Personal Pilot Project: including Pilot Project¢ÙProject planning; ¢ÚPre-field interpretation and analysis; ¢Û Data collection; ¢Ü Data analysis; and Advanced Research Project Proposal/Master's Degree Thesis Proposal.

As a part to the course study, some professional visits and Team Project Base were also organized by BUAA from related institutes and organizations in China.

In the second phase of the Program for one year period, students complete thesis study and then defend it before the Thesis Defense Committee appointed and organized by BUAA.

All students of MASTA-2010 Program successfully fulfilled the teaching objectives and requirements, and were awarded Master Degree.

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