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The Thematic Training Course on APOSOS Project was held from 6 to 15 December 2011 in Beijing and Weihai, China. The Course was hosted by APSCO Secretariat and supported by National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC) and Shandong University at Weihai (SDU). There were totally 17 participants from eight Member States and Signatory State of APSCO, namely Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru and Thailand joined the training, and one from the interested country, Tajikistan.

The main objectives of the training included:
(i) Understand the basic theories in the observation of man-made satellite and space debris;
(ii) Be familiar with the operation procedures through on-site practice;
(iii) Get update with the current situation of the existing facilities in the Member States and prepare the Joint Pilot Observation.

The following subjects were covered during the Course:
(i) Theoretical Course: Basic theories in optical space observation were introduced in this section, including Spherical Astronomy, Astronomical Observation, Astrodynamics, Orbital Elements, Web Orbital Information, Telescope Hardware and Computer Control.
(ii) On-site Training: The on-site training was held at Shandong University at Weihai. The one-meter telescope at Weihai Observatory of Shandong University is currently the largest one among universities in China, and is capable of observing satellites and space debris. During the on-site training, all participants were trained to be familiar with the equipment, software and working procedures.
(iii) Discussion on the planned Joint Pilot Observation: A Joint Pilot Observation by participating nodes/telescopes of APOSOS was planned in April 2012. In preparation of this activity, all participants were invited to give introductions to the existing telescopes in their own country and the possibilities of participation in the Joint Pilot Observation were also discussed.
(iv) Technical Visit: The participants visited the Space Surveillance Centre at NAOC and Xinglong Observation Station during the Course. During the Closing Ceremony, the Certificates of this Thematic Training Course on APOSOS Project were awarded to the qualified participants by Dr. Zhang Wei, the Secretary-General of APSCO. The training course was completed with success and all objectives were fulfilled.

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