The Second Summer Camp of APSCO SSS Project is successfully completed
     2018 APSCO New Year Reception
     The Signing Ceremony of Contract between APSCO and SJTU on APSCO SSS-2A CubeSat
     The signing ceremony between APSCO and Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) on Agreement for Cooperation on Degree Education Programs
11th Meeting of the Council of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO)
11-14 Sep 2017¨CTehran, Iran

The 11th Meeting of the Council of APSCO was held on 11-14 Sep 2017at Laleh International Hotel in Tehran, Iran. The Iranian Space Agency (ISA) co-organized the Meeting and extended warm local hospitality to the participants of the Meeting. The distinguished accredited Council Members from Bangladesh, Iran, Mongolia, and Peru attended the Meeting in person; while the accredited Council Members from China, Pakistan, Thailand and Turkey were represented by delegates, whose credential, under the APSCO rules, were formally notified to the Secretary-General of APSCO. The Council Members were also accompanied by advisors, who also presented notification in this regard from respective governments. In all, 50 participants from Member States: Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey, attended the Meeting.

Dr. LI Xinjun, Secretary-General of APSCO, welcomed the delegates and presented the credential of participants. He concluded that the 11th Meeting of the Council is participated by all the Member States and the credential of respective Council Members and delegates are provided by the focal national authority, and is thus legally valid.

On 12 Sep 2017, Prof. Dr. Mohsen Bahrami, Chairman of APSCO Council welcomed the distinguished Council Members and delegates from the Member States and the participants from Secretariat of APSCO. He opened the Meeting with his formal statement and reiterated that APSCO, with a robust cooperative mechanism, has a bright future ahead. Thereafter, he invited all the distinguished Council Members to give their statement on behalf of the Member States.

Dr. Li Xinjun, the Secretary-General of APSCO, introduced the recent changes in the Council Members and their authorized representation and apprised the changes in the portfolio of the Secretariat international staff. Thereafter, he presented annual detailed ¡®Report of the Secretary-General¡¯; highlighting various initiatives, the major achievements since the last Council Meeting and engagements with international space community. Progress on implementation of decisions of the10th Meeting of the APSCO Council was presented by Dr. Egemen Ozalp, Deputy Secretary-General of APSCO. In the subsequent Sessions, the respective Director-Generals presented review reports of activities of the APSCO Departments, implementationonBudget-2016, the planned Budget-2018, and more details on individual Agenda Items.

The 11th Meeting of APSCO Council elected Mr. Chinbat Baatarjav, the Council Member from Mongolia, and Chairman, Communication and Information Technology Authority (CITA), as the new Chairman of APSCO Council for the period of two years term i.e2018-2019. In subsequent Sessions, the Council Members discussed all the Items on the Agenda of the Meeting and gave decisions and approvals with consensus. The Council also decided that the year 2018 marked the 10th year of establishment of APSCO and therefore, would be celebrated in a befitting way. The Council approved to organize the ¡°2nd APSCO Space Agency Forum¡± in the year 2018, at Beijing, China. At the close of the Meeting, the Minutes of the Meeting, duly reflecting all the decisions reached at the Meeting, were unanimously adopted.

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