The Second Summer Camp of APSCO SSS Project is successfully completed
     2018 APSCO New Year Reception
     The Signing Ceremony of Contract between APSCO and SJTU on APSCO SSS-2A CubeSat
     The signing ceremony between APSCO and Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) on Agreement for Cooperation on Degree Education Programs
The second Summer Camp of APSCO Student Small Satellite Project held in Ankara, Turkey on July 30, 2018

Following the education and training programme of the APSCO Student Small Satellite (SSS) Project, and capitalizing on the achievements of the First Summer Camp held in Beihang University, Beijing, China, during summer of 2017; the Second Summer Camp, co-organized by APSCO and Middle East Technical University (METU), duly supported by TUBITAK-UZAY, kicked-off on July 30, 2018 in Ankara, Turkey. Over 40 registered participants from all APSCO Member States, and 15 more local students joined the course. Most of the participants were master students pursuing major in aerospace engineering.
At the opening ceremony, welcome speeches were made by Deputy Director of UZAY, Dr. Erdal Yılmaz, Director General of APSCO, Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Seyedabadi, Chairperson of Aerospace Engineering Department of METU, Prof. Dr. Ozan Tekinalp and the Vice President of Beihang University, in his capacity as the SSS Project lead, Prof. Dr. Huang Haijun. They all welcomed the student and faculty teams and shared the views of their respective institutions and the contributions made to the summer camp and wished all participants a wonderful and fruitful experience.
The Deputy Director of UZAY, Dr.  Erdal Yılmaz, met with APSCO delegation and team leaders of each Member States¡¯ team at UZAY premises, and briefly explained the history of UZAY and the current space projects and activities. He also expressed his high appreciation on the summer camp activity and reiterated the strong support on behalf of Member State Turkey.
The second summer camp of SSS Project was organized for three weeks; concentrating on detailed development of technologies in the micro/nano satellite platform/subsystems including the EPS, OBDH, ADCS, Structure & Mechanism, Thermal Control, etc. Most of the courses were hands-on format and took place in laboratories with testing facilities. Participants were divided into eight groups working under the guidance of mentors. After each course, a presentation on selected topics was made by selected members of each team during the entire program. The relavent technical visit was also arranged by TUBITAK-UZAY during the weekend.

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