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        The Development Plan for Space Activities of APSCO originated from the First Expert Group Meeting on Future Plans (EGMFP-1) in 2005, and was further discussed by the First Meeting of the Ad-Hoc Committee for Program Planning (ACPP) in 2007 and the Second Meeting of the ACPP in 2008. It was developed on the major areas of focus consolidated in the above mentioned efforts and proposed Vision, Mission and Goal of APSCO to be adopted in light of APSCO Convention. After describing Aim and Principles of the Development Plan, it elaborated various Domains and Subjects of Space Activities. As prepared by APSCO Secretariat, the document of Development Plan for Space Activities of APSCO was presented to the Fourth Meeting of the Council for adoption.
        The Fourth Meeting of the Council unanimously adopted the general direction of the Development Plan for APSCO Activities and expressed that further changes might evolve with time and technology innovation. The suggestions from Member States would also be taken into consideration. The Development Plan would be reviewed at least once every two years.
         The Aim of this document was to plan and execute Basic and Optional Activities as stipulated in Articles 7 and 8 of APSCO Convention for achieving the objectives set forth in Article 4 of the APSCO Convention, duly following the guidelines of Industrial Policy as per Article 5 of the APSCO Convention promoting cooperation in the areas of space technologies and applications, space science research and capacity building through education, training and other means among the Member States as per Article 6 of the APSCO Convention.
        This plan has nine main parts:
         (i) Background
         (ii) Introduction
         (iii) Vision, Mission and Goal
         (iv) Aim and Principles
         (v) Domains and Subjects of Space Activities
         (vi) Development Plans
         (vii) Strategic Objectives
        (viii) Project Plan 2011-2020
        (ix) Conclusion
        Part (i) recalls Major Events and Achievements on Space Activities within APSCO. Part (ii) illuminates the necessity to develop the Cooperative Space Activities within APSCO Member States. Part (iii) and Part (iv) define the Vision, Mission and Goal of APSCO Space Activities as well as the Aim and Principles of this plan. Part (v) and Part (vi) specify the Domains and Subjects of Space Activities including the following items, and elaborate the development plans of each specific domain:

        a. Space Technology Application
        b. Space Technology Development
        c. Space Science
        d. Space Education and Training
        e. Space Policies, Law and Regulations
        Part (vii) concludes the Strategic Objectives of the Space Activities including Long-term and Short-term Objectives. Part (viii) delineates the Project Plan of APSCO from 2011 to 2020.
        The document of the Development Plan is open to changes as per the emerging needs of the Member States and will be reviewed periodically as per the decisions of the APSCO Council.

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